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A Note From the General Manager

Your Network Is Your Business

Welcome to Interop 2.0 – reimagined around the future of the network and the people who run it. May 2-6, 2016 will be a week dedicated to celebrating the network and it’s potential in helping all of us do business.

The Interop team took a step back this summer to envision what the future should be, with ideas fueled by your feedback. 2016 is our 30th anniversary and we want to get it right. We embrace and celebrate change because we are invested in this brand and our market.

Interop has ebbed and flowed with the industry over the last 30 years. Post-2008 we broadened our pitch away from networking and into a "business technology" event. But I believe that position has been too broad at a time when technology has become increasingly specialized. 

At the core, the Interop team had come to view "networking" as a dirty word. It was a thing of the past. It stood for the particularly unsexy switches and routers that have been commoditized since the mid-2000s. The sales team heard “Interop is just a networking event” over and over from clients. In comes software-defined networking. Networking is cool, essential. Networking is open systems, open source, infrastructure as code, software-defined everything. Internet of Things is the next market set to explode - IoT becomes a reality only through the network of data between devices, sensors and systems. Bottom line is networking now requires new skills and new technologies. Interop can be poised to grab the market resurgence.

From this point forward Interop pledges to embrace the network and the technologies that feed off of it. From cloud to applications to storage to data center architecture and the technologies needed to secure it all, Interop will provide education and showcases to bring them to life. Seeing is believing; Interop Las Vegas 2016 will feature more hands-on demonstrations and training than ever, where real-world scenarios brings technology to life for IT pros.


The InteropNet Demo Lab

For 30 years the InteropNet has been the manifestation of our interoperability goal. By bringing together competitors and friendlies, infrastructure and services, and pushing technology to the future, we have provided connectivity to the entire Interop community every week of our Las Vegas events.

In 2016, InteropNet will shift its focus to the applications and technologies that run on top of the network. The InteropNet Demo Lab will be front and center on the expo floor, demonstrating IoT capabilities and innovative applications running on top of core infrastructure. The Demo Lab will be an environment where engaged IT decision-makers can see the industry come to life and demo new systems, services and applications in real time. Think future city, IKEA show room and technology petting zoo rolled up into one.


One and Two-Day Summits

IT professionals can no longer work in isolation in NOCs, data centers, and server rooms. They are instrumental in developing and implementing the strategies and solutions behind today's successful businesses, making new things possible through the power of technology.

Interop's conference program will provide a balance of technical skills training and strategic thinking that will help attendees shepherd their companies to the next generation of industry – one that relies on robust network and IT architecture at its core. In workshops and conference sessions, attendees will get practical training and tips to help them excel at everyday IT operations. They'll also learn from instructors who have transformed their organizations with technology, and find out how to apply those lessons in their own IT designs.

Through our new Interop Summits, attendees will get insight into developing technologies, learn about their potential, and discuss how to implement them to drive their own organizations forward. The 2016 Summit program includes The Future of Networking Summit, Container Summit, Dark Reading’s Cyber Security Summit, DevOps Summit, Software-Defined Architecture Summit and the IT Leadership Summit. The Summits take place on Monday and Tuesday, May 2 & 3, kick-starting a week of continuous professional development. We will also continue to host the co-located InformationWeek Elite 100 Conference in the Las Vegas Four Seasons, also taking place on Monday and Tuesday.


Experiential Exhibit Floor

(Say that 3 times quickly!) The Interop exhibit floor is where it all comes together. Not only with InteropNet Demo Lab mentioned above, but with Technology Zones, the InformationWeek News Desk, Startup City, Best of Interop announcements, and hands-on demonstrations in the Interop Theater.

Our new Technology Zones are focused exhibit areas organized by crucial technologies and solutions that top the list for technology buyers: Security, Cloud, and Storage. Each zone will feature free content, where expo attendees can take advantage of education provided by our vendor community.

Interop is a mix of the practical and visionary. Along with emphasizing the importance of innovation in the conference sessions, we will highlight our “Startup City” participants on the expo floor, in show floor theater sessions and “Startup Hot Seat” programs. Interop is a level playing field, where both new and established vendors can experience the limelight.

From the INC 1000 to the Fortune 100, more people are involved in technology decisions than ever before … we want to make Interop the place for entire tech buying team – where they can visit the expo floor as a team to explore solutions, and attend educational sessions that fit their particular needs.

Come join us for the excitement in Las Vegas!

Thank you,

JJ - GM, Interop - @jjessup44